When you cannot take your pet on a business trip or family vacation, let us board them for you. Your pet will stay right here in our facility for medically supervised boarding. Your pet will be under careful watch to ensure he or she is comfortable and taken care of. If your pet does have a chronic medical condition or an illness occurs, Marlton Animal Hospital’s staff is right here to care for them.

Boarding Requirements
We board domestic cats of all sizes and board dogs less than 50 pounds. We ask that you please let us know if your pet is taking any medication or requires a special diet. You can bring these items in with you (in original containers), and we will ensure they receive their proper dosage each day.

Your Dog or Cat Will Not Be Alone
Our staff understands that your pet misses you, while you are away and being in an unfamiliar environment can be scary. We spend time petting and playing with your pet to help keep them engaged. Your dog will receive a walk 3 to 4 times a day, and we take the time to go around to each cage and play with your furry friend.

Your pet will love staying here with us. If you would like to set up boarding services for your pet, give us a call today. We will be happy to assist you!